A diesel‐electric hybrid power‐pack

A diesel‐electric hybrid power‐pack

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This project focused on a diesel-electric-hybrid power-pack solution for railcars. This featured a diesel engine which is smaller than the ones currently installed, an exhaust energy recovery device, and an energy storage system. The systems are contained in a pack under the floor of the railcar, enabling quick easy-access maintenance and replacement when necessary, ensuring higher vehicle availability. The design of the power-pack permits the railcar to be powered via the on-board diesel-hybrid system, and also offers the potential for power drawn from network electrification, taking advantage of the existing infrastructure.

The proposed removable power‐pack for a diesel‐electric‐hybrid railcar could be highly efficient, reduce exhaust emissions and reduce noise. It does not require electrification infrastructure along the full length of routes, reducing the cost of opening or re-opening branch lines. 

A feasibility study was completed in 2016.