Intelligent Power Solutions to Decarbonise Rail

As set out in the Rail Technical Strategy and following the Transport Minister’s challenge to see all diesel-only trains off the tracks by 2040, RSSB is working with the wider industry to develop and deploy energy efficient, zero-carbon technologies.

A brokerage event was held on 30 October 2018 at the University of Warwick, where innovators, academics, members of the supply chain community and all interested parties were invited to:

  • - Receive information about all current funding opportunities in the ‘rail decarbonisation’ space
  • - Discuss specific challenges and knowledge gaps with industry experts in order to shape potential research proposals
  • - Network and build consortia with potential partners

The recordings from the event are availalbe on the 'Launch Event' page. The presentations are also available on the Resources page.

About the research competitions

At the event, we also launched two new research competitions to facilitate research and innovation in support of the industry’s decarbonisation challenge, aligned to the overall strategy of enabling the industry to be world leaders in developing and delivering low carbon transport solutions:

  • - An RSSB-funded collaborative R&D competition for feasibility studies and demonstrator projects
  • - A Knowledge Transfer Partnership call funded jointly by InnovateUK and RSSB

Please refer to the competition briefing document for more details.

How to use this interactive platform:

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  • - Post questions to the experts on the 'Live Feed' page
  • - Download useful resources

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Information and networking event, 30th October 2018.



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