Dual fuel locomotives to decarbonise freight operations

Dual fuel locomotives to decarbonise freight operations

G-volution Ltd

With support from Loram and Emissions Analytics 


The project aims to demonstrate to rail freight operators the benefits and the feasibility of adopting dual fuel engines as a route to decarbonisation of their operations. The focus will be on Type 3 (10% of UK fleet) and Type 5 (72% of the UK fleet) locomotives and will show quantitatively the resulting outcomes of the lowering of operating cost and lowered gaseous, particulate and carbon emissions of the proposed new powertrain versus those currently in use.


Chris Smith, CEO, G-volution Ltd

How would you describe your project in one Tweet (i.e. 280 characters)?
"This project shows the feasibility and advantages of adopting dual fuel engines to simultaneously meet the pressures facing freight locomotive operators i.e. a route to decarbonisation, a transition from fossil fuel (diesel) to lower carbon and sustainable alternative fuels, lower emission outputs and improved air quality surrounding the railway, towns and cities."

What are the benefits for industry, within in the context of the wider decarbonisation landscape?  
"G-volution technology will reduce carbon (by up to 40%), reduce particulate emissions (by up to 60%) while  lowering operational costs and giving a significant payback in return for the  investment."

Where did the idea for the project come from? Why did you choose to enter this particular topic to the RSSB competition?  
"The idea evolved from current work on the RSSB funded Grand Central/G-volution Ltd demonstration project for a Class 180 DMU which will run on the network in full passenger service operation in 2019 to demonstrate the benefits of running on dual fuel."

Team members include: Simon Pickess, COO, and Paul Howard, Head of Engineering, at G-volution Ltd. G-volution are world leaders in multi fuel engine technology, reducing emissions and operating costs for the Rail, Marine and Static Power Generation sectors. G-volution Ltd - Evolving towards a zero carbon economy. www.g-volution.com

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