Green Valley Lines

Green Valley Lines

Riding Sunbeams Ltd

With support from Ricardo


This project investigates the potential to help optimise traction energy use on AC passenger networks through integrating storage technologies and direct supply of renewable electricity at the design stage of electrification works. Focusing on the developing plans for the South Wales Metro in the context of the discontinuous electrification challenges faced by this network.




Leo Murray, Executive Director, Riding Sunbeams

How would you describe your project in one Tweet (i.e. 280 characters)?
"The Green Valley Lines project is ultimately about how we can use renewable energy sources to electrify the train lines north of Cardiff."

What are the benefits for industry, within in the context of the wider decarbonisation landscape?  
"The feasibility study will advance industry knowledge and understanding around using decentralised renewable energy to directly supply rail traction power, and the integration of storage technologies, with the aim of delivering more cost-efficient electrification. The project aligns with Network Rail and wider industry research and development challenges around smarter, more efficient electrification. It will also provide Transport for Wales and Network Rail Wales with guidance on designing and planning electrification using renewable energy sources."

What are the key areas of the team's expertise, particularly in terms of cross-sector skills transfer?
"Leo Murray (Riding Sunbeams) has experience of sustainability practice and public and political advocacy for low carbon energy and transport solutions.

Ernie Shelton (Riding Sunbeams) has experience of renewable energy,energy efficiency and HV and LV distribution systems.

Nathaniel Bottrell (Ricardo) is a distribution networks and power electronic consultant in the Smart Grids team and has experience of working ina power electronics research laboratory.

Mark Hinnells (Ricardo) has experience providing government policy advice on market frameworks to promote low carbon technologies including on energy labels, standards and tax incentives.

Dave Hewings (Network Rail Wales) has his experience of power systems design and operation with a specialism in the power system analysis methods and the development of analysis tools.

Jim Cardy (Energy Savings Trust Wales) has provided technical renewable advice to local authorities, housing associations and SME’s in wales with experience delivering renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes.

Oliver Pendered (Community Energy South & Riding Sunbeams) is a specialist community energy practitioner and has experience in Social Impact Frameworks.

Alice Bell (10:10 Climate Action) has experience within a communications team and has worked on a range of campaigns from world-leading Solar Schools programme to developing strategies for engaging the public with decarbonised heat."

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