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Welcome and Introduction

Luisa Moisio, R&D Programme Director, RSSB and RRUKA Industry Co-chair
Stuart Hillmansen, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham and RRUKA Academic Co-chair

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Useful resources 

Rail Technical Strategy (RTS) Capability Delivery Plan

The Rail Technical Strategy Capability Delivery Plan (CDP) builds on the Industry’s Rail Technical Strategy, published in 2012. The CDP has been developed through consultation with experts from across the rail industry and the supply chain.

This CDP document, and the supporting online resource, identifies twelve whole system ‘Key Capabilities’ that the railway needs to develop in order to meet the industry’s objectives of increasing capacity and improving customer service in a sustainable and affordable manner.

ORR's Network Rail Monitor (2016-17)

The Network Rail Monitor is part of how ORR holds Network Rail to account. It sets out how ORR thinks Network Rail is doing in delivering its obligations to its customers and funders, and highlights any areas of concern.

RSSB knowledge search on 'Big Data'

The report describes and explains the different components and stages of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), newly emerged multidisciplinary field combining data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, pattern recognition, neural networks, clustering, and data visualization.

ORR Rail infrastructure, assets and environmental 2016-17 Annual Statistical Release

This release contains the following rail statistics for Great Britain in 2016-17:

  • Rail infrastructure statistics provide details on track length (including electrified track). Sourced from Network Rail and is available from 1985-86.

  • Number of mainline stations are sourced from Estimates of Station Usage (ORR) and Network Rail and is available from 1985-96

  • Average age of rolling stock is sourced from the Department for Transport and is published by sector from 2000-01 Q2, and by train operator from 2007-08 Q4.

  • Environmental statistics are sourced from train and freight operators and provide an estimate of normalised CO2e emissions from traction energy since 2005-06.

Rail Performance Society

The Railway Performance Society (RPS) is a British based organisation dedicated to recording and studying the performance of railways and railway traction