Very Short Term Planning’ (VSTP) covers the need to change one or more train services at very short notice, perhaps on the day in question or over the next 48 hours. Making improvements to VSTP systems and processes now will move us closer to a future in which more flexible and dynamic timetabling is used to make optimal use of the capacity on the network.

In October 2019, RSSB made £3.1m available to fund innovative demonstration projects (TRLs 4 to 7) that help the rail industry implement more VSTP schedules in a robust and validated way, ensuring there is an allocated and de-conflicted path for each train service.

Benefits of this approach include:

  • amore reliable and consistent service for passengers
  • the ability for freight to plan and deliver a more reactive service
  • a reduced workload for operators and controllers
  • a step towards adaptable and dynamic on-demand contingency plans and mechanisms for improving and testing timetables

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