Enabling innovation for train operators in 2017 (TOC17)

This innovation competition made up to £3.25m available for solutions to improve the operational performance of the railway network and encourage greater collaboration and participation in the innovation process between the rail supply chain and the railway undertakings. Proposals were encouraged to address one or more of the 4C’s (Cost, Carbon, Capacity and Customer) and be aligned to challenges/themes outlined within recent rail industry strategies such as the 2012 Rail Technical Strategy (RTS) and/or the 2017 RTS Capability Delivery Plan (CDP), and areas of particular interest included:

  • operations timed to the second
  • minimal disruption to train services
  • optimum energy use (in particular traction energy)

For any questions, please contact the RSSB enquiry desk: enquirydesk@rssb.co.uk