Interactive Platform Simulator (IPS)

Interactive Platform Simulator (IPS)

VR Simulation Systems Limited with Arriva Trains Wales


This project is addressing incidents at the Platform Train Interface – specifically tackling safety and security – directly reducing claims for slips, trips and falls and is having a significant impact on a reduction of PTI incidents within TOCs.

IPS – Interactive Platform Simulator – IPS is a CAVE (Room within a room) which includes 3 projectors in a cube space complete with a full gesture control system. The CAVE includes a HD 3d environment replicating a real railway station complete with passengers, staff, trains, cafes, etc. The simulator is used to train rail staff, dispatchers, conductors and safety officers on the safe running of a railway station. The simulator is able to replicate different scenarios such as emergencies, slips and trip, suspicious luggage, signal failure, door jams etc. The simulator allows a trainee to be upskilled in non technical duties monitoring their progress an addressing everyday issues.