Network Rail open data feeds

Network Rail open data feeds

Data feeds available:

• SCHEDULE - daily extracts and updates of train schedules from the Integrated Train Planning System, in CIF and JSON formats

• MOVEMENT - train positioning and movement event data

• TD - train positioning data at signalling berth level

• TSR (Temporary Speed Restrictions) – details of temporary reductions in permissible speed across the rail network  

• VSTP (Very Short Term Plan) – train schedules created via the VSTP process which are not available via the SCHEDULE feed  

• RTPPM (Real-Time Public Performance Measure) - performance of trains against the timetable, measured as the percentage of trains arriving at their destination on-time

• SMART - train describer berth offset data used for train reporting

• Corpus - location reference data

• BPLAN - train planning data, including locations and sectional running times

• Train Planning Network Model - contains very detailed information on the network model used by ITPS, the Integrated Train Planning System